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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Welcome to my blog....

Hey everyone,

Erm, welcome to my blog. I used to make fun of blogs. I once swore that I'd never even *date* someone with a blog. Well, I've changed my tune on both, even marrying a blogging nerd last month...

Reasons-for-blogging-change-of-heart: I love writing, I haven't been doing enough of it, and I wanted to stay in touch with people back home without clogging inboxes with group emails. I've also been really inspired by such blogging pals as Sarah Marchildon, my brother Jeff, my niece Justine, my husband, my pals Shaker, Heather,Marija, Dustin, and a writer named Ross Laird who taught a brilliant writing workshop I recently took at SFU. I no longer think blogs are weird - they're a pretty cool way to get your random ideas into the world.

(Speaking of Justine, check Her Superior Adorable Cupcake Cuteness out:

Anyhoo, the name of the blog popped into my head today when I was searching for a title (i.e., staring into space from the comfort of our couch). This came into my head with little explanation. It's based on this propaganda campaign in Britain during the Blitz when the government was trying to get people to eat/grow more potatoes and carrots for the war effort (!?!?!) - ("Dig-up-the-Earth and eat-your-carrots-and-together-we-will-stick it to the Nazis"-type thing.) Don't ask. Anyway, it seemed like a cool image - digging for stuff and uncovering things and exploring things and bringing things to light, and, erm, living in Britain, and, uh, eating veggies. Anyway, best not to over-analyze when creative genius strikes.

So on that note, I'm going to post this bad boy and let 'er fly. Any blogging tips are more than welcome. I'm still figuring out the bells and whistles, so stay tuned! Big love to all, J


At 7:36 AM, Marija M & Darko H said...

Hey Jenny! Enjoy the blogging... will read it regularly.

smiles and sunshine from Spain,


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