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Saturday, February 04, 2006

"Real" British food...

The Tyee has been running a series of columns called Living on the Hundred Mile Diet for about 8 months now. It's written by a Vancouver couple, both writers, who are trying to eat nothing but food grown within 100 miles of the Lower Mainland for a year. It's not that outrageous of a proposition when you think about it - but perhaps not so easy in practice.

I went to a farmers' market in London today based on the same principles - everything for sale came from within 100 miles of the M25, a massive ringroad/noose/superhighway that circles around London (if you're feeling particularly bored, check out London Orbital - a bizarreo book where Iain Sinclair WALKS around the entire thing...hands down, the weirdest book I've ever read - but I digress)

Anyway, it was interesting to see what there *really* is to eat this time of year from within 100 miles of London. Behold:

A bit of this:

One of this guy's fish - (better act quick - only two left!!)

Some of these (mmmmm):

A few choice game birds:

And my personal fave:

There were several surreal conversations along the way, including a farmer from Kent trying desperately to introduce the chilli pepper to the British palate, and a Kosovar family with a fledgeling Buffalo cheese operation. The lowly parsnip was loving his moment in the sun:

In the meantime, any tips on how to deal with the pheasant in our fridge would be greatly appreciated.

(*note to readers: soon I will have job and such random blogging posts and adventures in cookery will likely cease - indulge me, please*)


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