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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

We got married! Again!

Hey everyone,

Christian and I enjoyed our final wedding celebration this past weekend in London. We both had a great time. We had all of Christian's family and friends (and a few friends and family of mine) to a beautiful pub/restaurant in our neighbourhood, for champagne, a big lunch, and some speeches and good times.

Christian's Oncle Bernard attempts to put his nametag on his head

Jenny Leslie giving her toast to the bride, in which she blows my cover and tells all about my Chilliwack roots....
Christian's oldest friend Dustin came from Halifax. Here he is, telling stories about a much younger, nerdier, but ahead-of-his-time Christian...

Christian's mum is French, so we had a great representation of French relatives, as well as Christian's English family. I attempted to give a toast in French but didn't make it past "Merci pour le...erm...umm..." before I had to switch.

12 hours later, we were still going strong (or at least my family was, anyway!)...

...ending with (slightly drunken) burgers later that night at Ed's diner.

Thanks again to all of you who made these celebrations so special!


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