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Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Veering into self-absorbed territory here, but does anyone else find making new friends after the age of 30something really difficult and awkward? (For those of you who I haven’t bored with this topic – one of the hardest things about moving here to London was making friends – husbands are great for many things, but you need a high-quality girlfriend or two to survive life here in the big city). The thing about friend-dates is that if they go badly or fizzle due to “lack of chemistry”, you really wonder about yourself. This week’s a big one – I have two, back-to-back ladydates. Tonight’s date involves a foray into a book club in which I know no-one (not even my date). It doesn’t bode well as the book of choice is “Valley of the Dolls” (my reaction: “…you’re kidding, right?”) Stay tuned…


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