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Monday, June 25, 2007

Raging against Facebookdom – the return of the Blog

The siren call of Facebook is proving hard to resist. I found myself hunched over an old high school yearbook photo on Facebook last night, reading messages from people I barely remember, and before I knew it, an hour had gone by.

An hour! Now, an hour may not necessarily seem like much, but I’m time-poor. I don’t mean this in an “ooh, look at me and how busy I am” kinda way, but more in a “Whoah, life is going by so quickly I still haven’t managed to: a) call my parents enough; b) keep in touch with friends in enough thoughtful and adequate ways; c) read enough books; d) have enough deep meaningful chats with husband in any given week; e) acquire hardbody of the regular exerciser or triathlete; and f) do anything creative.

It is with point “F” that I have decided to resuscitate blog with one hand and un-subscribe from Facebook with the other. If I’ve only got a few hours in the week to keep in touch with people AND attempt to use creative juices, the Blog is the Thing. As you know, I used to think blogs were soooooooo lame, so be gentle.


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